Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Skinny Jeans
Depending on what area of the country you live in, you've probably already had skinny jeans for at least a season now. And, let me guess, they're a dark indigo, right? Skinny is still here for fall (and most likely will be next spring too), but you can broaden your horizons with a gray or black wash--very Kate Moss. So far, I've only been able to handle straight-leg (about a 14-inch leg opening), but I'm feeling adventurous, so I'm looking for the perfect pair of 12- or 10-inch stovepipes. Here are some contenders.

Madison Avenue

This pair from Alexander McQueen isn't exactly a black or gray wash, but the back-pocket embroidery and side scroll detail makes it not your ordinary skinny jean. Neither, of course, does the $695 price tag. But McQueen is a master tailor and, after all, he's the one to thank for low-rise pants, having designed the infamous "bumster" pant.

While we can thank Alexander McQueen for low rises, Stella McCartney has been a leading proponent of skinny jeans. I can attest that hers fit quite well, so if you have the money, this gray-wash pair is a good investment. And, of course, I love the butterfly detail on the back pocket.

The hard-to-find Tsubi jean has its own level of cachet for that very reason; it has another level of desirability, however, for its supposedly awesome fit. I don't know firsthand though--they're sold out everywhere!

Imitation of Christ has entered the denim fray, and the fact that this black-wash pair is named after Scarlett Johansson is somewhat promising--after all, the starlet is a bit more curvy than, say, Kate Moss.

Even True Religion has a skinny jean now, and while I'm a huge fan of how their jeans fit, I feel like the coolest part of the jeans is their back pockets, and since this black pair has tonal embroidery, you can barely see them. And thus I'm not quite sure if they're worth the $200-plus price tag.

And then there's J Brand, which, at the moment, seems like the front runner to me. I tried this pair on at Barneys on Saturday, and while they don't make my legs totally look like sausages, I find them to be ridicuously tight--if they're not too tight in the thighs, the waist is butt-cracky. I hate to say it, but I might have to cop out and go with their straight-leg, non-stretch style.

34th Street
If you want something trendy, affordable, and thus disposable, the teen catalogues are often your best bet. This Piper black skinny jean comes in many different inseams, but, based on the picture, I say unless you have the body of a 17-year-old, order up a size.

The Casey jean from Delia's looks slightly more forgiving, and I like the ankle length--perfect for tucking into boots without all the bunchiness, or for wearing with flats.

Urban Outfitters has quite the selection of skinny jeans--in every wash you can imagine, pretty much--but my favorite is the Outlaw by, of all things, Levi's. I think the pockets are pretty cool and, at $68, you really can't go wrong with a classic.

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