Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Wide Belts
Wide belts are nothing new. Nor is wearing wide belts at your waist--that look has been around for at least a season now. But I've recently discovered the joy of wearing a wide belt just below the bust. This look is particularly effective when you have a babydoll or voluminous top, because it provides definition and prevents you from looking top-heavy. Now, if you have a tiny waist, by all means, you should wear the wide belt there. But for those of us who are a little thicker through the middle--especially those of us who fall into the "ruler" body-shape category--it's incredibly flattering.

Madison Avenue
Because this Proenza Schouler double-buckle belt is all leather--without stretch--I'd recommend ordering a small to wear it just under your bust. Then again, if you're spending nearly $700 on a belt, maybe you'd want it to fit your actual waist. Regardless, it's beautiful, and an investment.

This Sass & Bide leather belt comes in just one size, but looks to have many notches, so you can wear it wherever you like. Even--sacre bleu!--at your hips.

I'm a sucker for croc, both real and faux, so I'm a fan of this (faux) croc belt. It's meant to be worn at the waist, but Vivre conveniently gives the measurements, so based on where you want to wear it, you'll know what size to get.

Now, this corset belt has a lot of elastic, so you can wear it wherever you want (although I wouldn't recommend around your hips, only because it's such a snug fit, it's going to slide up toward your waist, to the path of least resistance). Since it's so wide, it's definitely a statement-maker.

This perforated belt is very rock and roll. It's also meant to be worn on the hips, but again, the perforations allow for more room in the adjustability department, so, really, you can wear it wherever you want.

Anthropologie gets the thumbs up from me for being more adventurous with their accessories lately. This wide leather belt reminds me of cira 1980s Alaia, and for all leather, the price isn't too bad.

34th Street
This patent belt is kind of a watered-down version of the Fendi B belt, which pretty much started the whole wide-belt trend. It's faux, and it's shiny, so this is not the best choice for wearing at the waist if you're a little thicker through the middle. But if you have a tiny waist, go for it.

Remember what I said about faux croc? I absolutely love this belt from Amici Accessories, and at $22, you really can't go wrong. Plus, with the elastic, you can wear it wherever you like. I totally dig the red, too.

This bow belt from Urban Outfitters is a little more feminine, and I think it's pretty cute. I like that it comes in red and white (in addition to black), so you can wear it with a black top and it won't get lost. After all, the point of the wide belt is to draw attention to something, not camouflage it.

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