The Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Trapeze Jackets
Volume was a key word on the Spring 2007 runways in New York, but for those who don't want to wait until then to start wearing the look, you're in luck. The trapeze (or swing) jacket is everywhere this season, mostly because its full shape balances out the ubiquituous skinny pant. The key, of course, is not to look like a total blob while wearing one, so make sure the jacket fits snugly in the shoulders and doesn't have too much fabric in the body. And, like Mom always said, stand up straight.

Madison Avenue
They take a lot of flack for being so young, but there's no denying that the twentysomething designers of Proenza Schouler have a way with leather. This leather jacket is absolutely beautiful...and costs more than most people make in a week. Um, a lot more.

Derek Lam was a huge hit on the spring runways, and with a look at this jacket, you can see why. The double-breasted construction gives it a military look, which is a nice change from the more typical mod look of the trapeze jacket.

Burberry is known for its coats and jackets--plus they've been leading the Mod revival--so you can count on the impeccable tailoring in this wool tweed swing jacket, a slightly more conservative take on the trend.

Milly sent out some great swing coats last week at Fashion Week, and here's a cropped, winter white version that you can wear now. Yay for instant gratification.

Philip Lim is a designer that seemingly turned up out of nowhere with a collection of must-haves. This double-breasted box jacket is one of my favorites, and with fashion editors' fondness for the line, I'm surprised it hasn't been featured everywhere.

I used to write Charlotte Ronson off as a gimmicky designer (retro underwear tanks, terrycloth sundresses, etc.), but this cropped trench jacket might just change my mind. I like the trenchcoat-inspired details, and the fit looks very flattering.

34th Street
I'm constantly surprised by how cute the clothes are in teen catalogue Alloy. This cotton jacket is a more casual version, perfect for weekends or if you don't want to feel like an old lady.

A more obvious take on the trend comes from Urban Outfitters, land of wear-it-for-one-season-before-it-falls-apart looks. But for $58, you can't go wrong with this babydoll jacket.

For a truly disposable look, there's this gabardine jacket from Forever 21. A streamlined design, it has more of a cropped fit, so I'd recommend wearing it over a tunic or a longer shirt. After all, the look is all a balancing act.

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