Project Runway recap
I am one of those people who can't get enough of Paris. (France, not Hilton.) I am happy to look at pictures or film of it for hours on end. And so, apparently, are the producers of Project Runway, since the city of lights was featured prominently in tonight's episode. Not that I'm complaining. Anyway, the challenge was to create a "couture" gown, for which the contestants received 300 Euros and two days in which to work. Now, while I applaud Tim Gunn for explaining what couture actually is (it's one of the most misused fashion terms ever), he left out an important detail: It's made to measure, and a couture client tends to go through multiple (read: three, four, or more) fittings. In other words, it's not necessarily something one knocks out in two days. Regardless, the designers got to work. Jeffrey, who had immunity, took the most risks in a bold yellow plaid cotton, while Laura went for classic French (and pretty much an Yves Saint Laurent rip-off, although I liked where she was going with it). Uli tried to break her mold, and while she didn't use patterns, the dress was still very Uli to me. Kayne's had the potential to be gorgeous (the ombré silk skirt moved beautifully), but his gown suffered from over-ornamentation. The most interesting contrast, however, came between Michael and Vincent. Michael readily admitted he had no idea what he was doing, sewing by hand and all, and while his gown was indeed a bit sloppy-looking, you have to admire his humility. Vincent, on the other hand, thought his gown was magnificent, and took every opportunity he could to marvel in its splendor. In doing so, he manage to totally gross me out; the worst part came when he shamelessly flattered Catherine Malandrino, who was so not having it. The designers had a little couture party with Mlle. Malandrino on a bateau mouche along the Seine (cue more gorgeous shots of Paris), but then it was back to New York for judging with the usual suspects, as well as Richard Tyler, who apparently has been on a bender since his company went under, because the man looks a bit spent. Poor guy. Anyway, while it looked like Uli was going to win, the honor went to Jeffrey instead, giving him two wins in a row and the first-ever win with immunity from the previous challenge. I don't think I had a favorite from this challenge, strangely enough, but I feel like Jeffrey's dress looked the most "couture" and even reminded me of something Galliano would do. When it came down to Laura and Vincent in the end, I announced that I'd stop watching the show if Laura was auf-ed (to which MW replied, "No, you won't"), but thankfully Vincent was finally out. It was about five or six episodes overdue, but at least I'll never have to hear Vincent talk about how his dresses "turn him on" or "get him off" ever again. Thank god for that.

Next week, the designers apparently design for the Olsen twins, and Laura's hormones appear to get the best of her.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, the last thing i want to know is what turns vincent on, or gets him off. ewwwww!