How to dress like a fashion editor
I spend a lot of time during Fashion Week standing in line--since I'm usually assigned to the standing section, I have to wait until all of the people with seats are seated, then they let us into the tent--and thus I spend plenty of time watching fashion editors coast past the security guards, air-kissing the PR girls on their way. The fashion editors stand out because in the glamour arena that is the tents, they are by far the most glamorous. All of them are thin, although many of them are shorter than you'd think. Very few wear pants. Or flats. What they wear consists typically of these four parts: 1) a voluminous dress, preferably tent, smock, or babydoll; 2) opaque tights or leggings; 3) chunky platform shoes (fashion editors with seat assigments can get away with wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes, as they don't have to spend much time standing around in them); 4) a huge bag, the bigger and more expensive, the better. I've been wearing pants and sweaters the past two days, and I've felt pretty frumpy and boring. So for the rest of Fashion Week (alas, only three days left!), I'm going to try to be more glam. I don't know about the platform shoes--after all, I do have to be on my feet for most of the day--but the rest I can definitely work on.

For the best off-the-runway fashion editor shots, check out Cheryl Shops fave the Sartorialist on I can only dream that one day he'll find me stylish enough to photograph.

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