Olympus New York Fashion Week: other coverage
Basically, everyone and their mother is blogging Fashion Week--everyone from esteemed fashion critic Robin Givhan from the Washington Post to Citysearch's shopping editor to Cheryl Shops friends like The Shophound. Some of these blogs are more concerned with who's sitting in the front row than with what's going down the runway, and others are so unknowledgable and amateurish, I cringe. Still, others are, in a word, great. Here's one that belongs to the latter category, and one to the former.

The awesome
New York Magazine's blog, Show and Talk, is like a well-oiled machine, and I mean that in the best way possible. They have a freaking team covering the shows (there are, by the way, nearly 500, including all of the independent, off-site, non-official ones), including reviews of the shows by their critics, party coverage, celebrity interviews, and, most importantly, color commentary by the Fug Girls, Heather and Jessica. This blog has been my first stop thus far for Fashion Week coverage, and I have nothing but praise for it. Please check it out.

The awesomely bad
MW called me into his office this morning to show me Newsday's fashion blog, Talk of the Tents, because it's being written by a former colleague of his--who used to be, like MW, a sportswriter. Granted, Newsday would never be my first (or even my, like, 30th) destination for fashion coverage, but this blog is so bad, my blood curdles when I read it, especially because I bet this guy has invites to all the big shows and thus much better coverage than I could ever hope for. Why is it so bad? He spends more time talking about rappers and sports stars in the front row ("Hey, it's Ron Artest! I know who that is! I'll write about him!") than the fashion--and, as they say, when you're a writer, you have to know your audience, so I can hardly believe that the people actually reading this blog (that would be women and gay men) would care about athletes, especially male basketball players. Also, scroll down and read his review of the Gottex show. While I can appreciate his enthusiasm for women with meat on their bones, I can also feel his proverbial hard-on, and that is just gross, man. That shit belongs in Maxim, not on a fashion blog.

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