The great bag search
I have a bit of a quandary. Since I received it last Christmas (thanks, Mom and Dad!), I've carried an emerald green Marc Jacobs Wonder bag. People stop me on the street to admire it--I don't know if that's because of the color or the fact that it's Marc Jacobs, or maybe both--and I love it to pieces. However, soon it's going to be time to switch to my winter coat, which, this year, is going to be either my red coat or my leopard coat, and the bag isn't going to look too hot with either of those. Which means I either have to bust out one of my old standbys (bo-ring!) or shop for a new bag (yippee!). Since I'm not holding my breath for a new Marc bag this Christmas, I'm aiming for the mid- to low-three-figure range. And as much as I love the thrill of the hunt, I think I've already found a strong contender: the City Tote from Anna Corinna. The designer, by the way, is one half of Foley & Corinna, one of my favorite vintage stores in NYC. Not shockingly, her bags have a vintage look with soft, slouchy leather and retro-yet-timeless shapes. But the City Tote is my favorite for two reasons: One, it is freaking huge and can thus fit my magazines, extra shoes, lunch, and whatever else I tend to carry around with me. Two, it can be carried folded with a shoulder strap or unfolded as a tote, so it's like having two bags in one. Genius! Best of all, the price isn't ridiculous, especially considering the size. Now, onto my next dilemma: What color should I get?


A-T-G said...

I love this bag! Darn it! You just got me to buy that Goyard bag...and now you tempt me again!

I will resist...aaacckk! I don't know if I can!

Where can you see all the color options? I think I saw it in the butterscotch and tabasco--black is a gimme' but what about the steel? For you, I'd stay away from another green bag...I mean, why? You've already got your green one...which you're thinking of swapping out. Maybe the steel would work? If only I could see the rest of the colors...for you! I mean for you! Who am I's for me :-)

Anonymous said...

With a red and leopard coat, I think I'd go for the lighter colored bag on the left. :)

Anonymous said...

*love* this bag!! i actually prefer other colors like plum & slate, but i like to carry colorful bags. anyway, has a great selection and 20% off code (grechen). also testimoboutique carries them and also has a 20% off code (grechen20).

Anonymous said...

if you dont want to spend the $300- you could always buy it at lush.

love your blog.