Target's newest Go International collection has landed, featuring designs from my former neighbor, Behnaz Sarafpour. (Seriously, I used to live in the same West Village apartment building as her, and after the one time I tried to strike up a conversation with her in the elevator, I think she kind of thought I was a stalker. But I'm not, I swear!) The collection is very "holiday," with a lot of lace, velvet, and jewel tones. Behnaz's style is very feminine--it's a bit too delicate and girly for me, to be honest--but there are a few cute pieces. Here's what I like.

This cropped jacket is very ill-fitting on the model--try not to pay too much attention to that--but the boxy, cropped fit will look great on the tall gals out there. I've found that these collections run small, so to make sure it fits in the bust (um, unlike the model), I'd recommend sizing up.

This satin mini comes in jade, which is a color you don't see very often. I like it, but due to the micro-mini length, I'd wear it with opaque tights. Good for holiday parties, definitely.

I absolutely love this georgette shirt. Not only is it 100% silk (not bad for $30), but it looks like Chanel--and in fact reminds me of a Karl Lagerfeld blouse I own already.

The accessories for this collection are pretty awesome. There are several frame evening bags, but I think I like this brocade purse the best. It looks vintage, which is always a plus.

I got really excited when I saw these elbow-length suede gloves, but upon closer look, they're actually synthetic, not suede. Still, for the vintage-coat-lovers among us, long gloves are a must-have, and they're hard to find at an affordable price.

So, while I'm not as excited about this collection as I was for Paul & Joe, there are definitely some cute pieces. Maybe I'll wear all of them at once and head over to my old building, just for old time's sake...

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