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One of my favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally, and one of my favorite parts in the movie is when Sally breaks down and says, "And I'm going to be 40!" And Harry says, "What? When? In eight years!" And Sally says, "Someday! But it's there!" I am a bit further away from 40, but I'll big milestone birthday that comes before 40--I think you know what I'm talking about--very, very soon. And as I was cleaning out my closet on Saturday, I realized that in the last 10 years, my wardrobe hasn't really changed. Granted, I own a suit or two now, but I only wear them when I have a super-important meeting or a job interview. I'm basically still dressing like an 18-year-old--well, one who can afford to shop at Barneys. I'm going to blame part of this on my job, since I write editorial copy for a teen website and thus have to be on top of the trends for that age group, and, hey, if I see something I like in the juniors department, it's usually so reasonable, I just buy it. I also happen to like my legs, so I'll attribute my collection of miniskirts to that. But, really, I think I need to accept my age and start dressing like it. Like I said yesterday, I need to start buying fewer, but nicer things--more Co-Op, less Forever 21. A good place for me to start shopping is, the online home of Chicago's Jake, a boutique that, sadly, I've never been to (but I'll definitely have to check out next time I'm in the Windy City). Jake has clothes for both men and women, with a small but well-edited selection of contemporary labels like Mayle (one of my personal favorites), Sass & Bide, and the name on everyone's lips, 3.1 Philip Lim. The site is very user-friendly--many of the items feature tips from the store's stylists, and if you have a question about a specific item (say, about fit), you can email the site directly from the product page. The site is organized pretty simply, by item rather than by designer, which I how I like to shop anyway.

I know I have way too many cardigans, but this Opening Ceremony sweater (sorry, I can't link directly) is double-breasted, giving it a bit more structure than the average sweater and thus making it more like a jacket.

I think a vest would be a good piece to have, as it strikes a nice balance between classic and trendy. This Earnest Cut & Sew vest is very menswear, but it's fitted and shaped to be flattering on a woman.

I absolutely love this Sass & Bide jacket--it's kind of half safari, half trench, and it reminds me of Rick Owens with the draped, deconstructed look. I'd wear it with a pencil skirt during the week and with skinny jeans on the weekends.

Clu is quickly becoming one of my favorite new labels--their clothes are made of light-as-air cotton jersey with really interesting construction. This sleeveless dress is perfect for layering, or you can wear it alone in summer.

These 3.1 Philip Lim shorts are fashionable, but in more of a statement-making way, rather than a slave-to-the-trends way. And while they don't look like anything special in the flat shot, check out the on-figure picture--they have an excellently slouchy, draped fit.

Of course, my crappy Target jewelry isn't going to fly with these grown-up clothes, so some proper jewelry is in order too, like this edgy-cool mixed chain necklace from Philip Crangi.

Jake has jeans too--coveted brands like Habitual and Tsubi--and through 10/21, take 20% off when you enter code wdenim20 (or mdenim20 if you're a dude) at checkout. Granted, I think I'm set in the jeans department, but even if I start dressing like an adult during the week, thank god people of all ages can get away with jeans on the weekend.

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A-T-G said...

I love that you love "When Harry Met Sally"'s one of my favs too...but, I think ya got the quote wrong...oh don't get me wrong...I think the WORDS are, in fact, correct--they're just in the wrong order :-)

I believe (and I, too, could be wrong!) it goes like this;

Sally "I'm going to be 40!"
Harry "What? When?"
Sally "Someday!"
Harry "In eight years!"
Sally "But, it's there! It's just sitting there and it's different for men. Charlie Chaplin had babies when he was 73"
Harry "Yeah, but he was too old to pick them up."

I am not picking at you! I love that you quoted from this movie!And the scene you chose? It's one of the best scenes in the movie, and you liking PROVES you have excellent taste!