America's Next Top Recap Episode
Okay, seriously, what's up with the ANTM recap episode when there are still seven girls in the running? Don't they normally do it when it's down to the final three? Is this just a way to stall until sweeps week? I'm going to be really pissed if there's another one later in the series. However, after sitting through the whole thing, I'm happy to report that Jaeda actually has a personality, and I kind of love CariDee for having farted on camera. Next week (god willing), the girls fall down and stuff. Fun! Also, how airbrushed is this picture of Tyra? I love how she has a doctor come on her talk show to prove her breasts are real, but girlfriend can't take a photograph without having it Photoshopped to within an inch of its life. Who needs to be America's Next Top Model when you can have your own personal retoucher?

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