Object of desire
I will admit, at the height of their popularity, I owned four Juicy Couture tracksuits. (Two terry, one velour, and one cashmere, which I still wear, but only at home on the weekends.) I also had one of the tube dresses that every store in the world has knocked off. And I also had a bright magenta beach hat, which I still wear, as it coordinates nicely with my bikini while shading my face from the sun. Otherwise, I am pretty much over Juicy Couture. Or I was, until I saw this picture of Kate Moss.

Must. Buy. Now. Of course, I'm of the "everything Kate Moss Wears Turns to Gold" school of thought, but the way she styled her outfit--huge bag, low-slug belt, black opaque tights, ballet flats--is just so cool and so current. In other words, it's outfits like this that show why Kate is such a fashion icon. But, thankfully, this outfit is easy to replicate, unlike Kate's "Oh, I picked this up at a vintage boutique in London" or "Alexander McQueen made this just for me" looks. Yes, dear old Kate is wearing a Juicy Couture sweater dress; it's a mere $300 at Bloomingdales.com.

Crackhead fiancé not included.

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