America's Next Top Model recap
Melrose is the former America's Next Top Model contestant that just won't go away. First she models in former Project Runway contestant Malan Breton's runway show; then she turns up as the Scoop spring spokesmodel; now she comes back to ANTM to give the girls advice on, of all things, creating a supermodel-worthy name. Now, why they had to have Melrose on the show to explain how she came up with her name (Melissa + Rose = Melrose) is beyond me; maybe the producers just wanted to torture everyone. So the names the girls came up with ranged from obvious (Brittany was "Brit") to utterly stupid (Whitney became "Whitelle") to Dionne, who became...Wholahay. Wholawhat? Exactly. The girls then turned up at an actual real Hollywood party--Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were there--where they had to impress Benny Medina, Tyra's manager. Jael managed to annoy 50 Cent so much that he threw her into the pool, which is better than getting shot, if you ask me. Dionne, er, Wholahay ended up impressing Benny the most, and she also impressed me, because not only can she call herself Wholahay with a straight face, but she has a baby and has managed not to mention him/her until now! Take that, Renee! Speaking of which, Tyra got all fake Oprah with the girls--she said she wanted them to share their feelings, but I think what she really wanted to do was stir shit up, which she accomplished by having all the girls in the house tell Renee how much they hate her. Nice. At the photo shoot, the girls had to art-direct themselves in four photos that showed different aspects of their personality. Jael's all seemed the same to me, but she impressed the judges enough to be called first at judging. Natasha's looked so awesome, it took me a minute to realize who she was at first. I think Brittany is so cute, and it appears that Tyra is actually going to do something about her bad weave (Brittany's, not her own). Jaslene inexplicably chose "cha-cha diva" and "drag queen" as two aspects; I'm not sure if she was being serious or ironic. Whitney still sucks and was again in the bottom two, but the over-posing Sarah sucked more, so she got to go. Long overdue, I think.

Next week is the always-painful acting episode, but past top models come back to (hopefully) lower the cringe factor.

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Anonymous said...

Did u not think it strange that the Jael and 50 cent issue never came up at judging. I thot they were really going to give it to her and possibly eliminate her from the competition. I also agree with u that Whitney is not delivering, why Tyra is still keeping her beats me. It is not like she is entertaining or anything.