America's Next Top Model recap
This season's "acting" episode of ANTM was as cringeworthy as usual, due in part to 1) the presence of Sister Sister's Tia (or was it Tamara?) Mowry, who, hey, happens to be on a new CW show, 2) the fact that the girls had to "act" with crazy hats, and 3) that the challenge was to perform in a campy sketch with Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Renee won the challenge and decided to start acting like Mother Theresa. The prize (which she randomly shared with Dionne) at first appeared to be a random T-shirt, but later turned out to be a visit from their families, babies included. Cue lots of crying and...Dionne complaining about how stupid her daughter's hair looks. Uh, ok. Poor Natasha, who apparently also has a child (how do I keep missing this? Are there any other babymamas I should know about?), felt left out and heartbroken. She looked a bit worse for wear at the photo shoot the next day, but perhaps inspired by the ultra-kooky premise of the photo shoot, she managed to pull it together and turn out more awesome photos. And let me tell you, while I thought the photo shoot itself was pretty friggin' silly I was sooo happy to see my past favorites--Joanie, the twins, and my favorite ANTM contestant of all, Kim. Now, Kim had to pose with Dionne, who was obviously not happy about having to pretend to be a lesbian. That is, until Kim's superpowers kicked in and Dionne started to totally dig the faux girl-on-girl action. Seriously, if we want to cure homophobia in this country, I think we should send Kim to every rodeo, evangelical church, and barbecue joint in the country. Anyway, Dionne's photo rocked, as did Natasha's, Brittany's (of course), and Renee's (sort of--during her actual shoot, Joanie was totally stealing her thunder). Not so much for Jael, who's hanging on by a thread, and Jaslene, who's totally slipping. As for Whitney, or Whitelle, as Tyra is inexplicably still calling her, the judges finally put their (or Tyra's, at least) politics aside and figured out that Whitney sucks, and thus they sent her home. Finally.

Next week, it's the publicity episode, and it looks like the girls are taking a trip (which, based on press leaks, is probably to Australia).

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