Five semi-interesting bits of info from this week's America's Next Top Model recap episode

1. Jael is a fierce...hoola-hooper.

2. Speaking of Jael, her rivalry with Renee went further than Renee's bizarre Jael-in-straightjacket sketch and post-party argument. Still, Jael was awesome with Renee's son, which means that if Jael can't get work as a model, perhaps she'd make a good babysitter. Er, maybe not.

3. Dionne has a temper.

4. Whitney is a big ham. I mean personality-wise. Geez!

5. Natasha got her tooth pulled without painkillers. If that's not badass, I don't know what is.

Next week is the go-see episode, and it appears Brittany has another emotional breakdown. Oh joy.


Anonymous said...

NO painkillers?! No way, how would she not go unconscious? She's tough. After Diana and Samantha got kicked off I really didn't care who won but now I hope Natasha does (ANYONE but Renee!).

- Tanith

Anonymous said...

I haven't been watching (except the first episode) but I love Tyra!