The Alice Temperley Go International collection for Target is now live, and while it's not perhaps as noteworthy as I had originally hoped, there are definitely some cute looks (and from what I can remember from the preview, there should be more to come). Some reviewers have been grousing about the poor quality of fabrics, but fall/winter fabrics tend to be way more expensive, so I'm assuming they went synthetic to keep prices down. Nevertheless, here are my favorites thus far:

The twist-front tee will be flattering on a variety of body shapes, and I'm all for keeping a little bit of color in one's fall wardrobe. Plus, you can wear it through next spring and summer--yellow was the hot color on the New York runways last week.

Speaking of color, I love the shocking blue of this cropped jacket. Apparently it's made of a polar-fleece-like material, but I think that actually might make it seem a bit younger and fresher.

While not something I'd normally wear, I feel very drawn toward this leaf sweater, and I think it looks supercute with the Swiss dot blouse layered underneath.

Temperley is known for her prints, and while there aren't as many as I'd have hoped for, I think this crepe dress is a must-have; I think I remember seeing this print in a longer style, but the mini would look great with tights.

If you're more of a sale gal, there are still a lot of Libertine items available on markdown; also, Racked reports that Vera Wang's Kohl's collection is already 30% off.


Anonymous said...

that twist front top is for any body type without breasts. my dd would look ludicrous in it.

Flair said...

I shopped the Alice Temperley line this week, it was already pretty picked over by Monday already! There are some cute stuff, like that cropped jacket and the swiss dot blouse, I also picked up this cute black vest to over that blouse. I think the store I was in did not have the whole collection, or everything was already gone.

Anonymous said...

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