Buy It: Hollywould's stud bracelet
One of the more extravagant items on my objects-of-desire list is an Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet (or CDC to those in the know). It's a cuff bracelet made of luxurious Hermes leather, but with faceted studs to give it a punk-rock edge. Instantly recognizable by those in the know, it will set you back $900 ($1250 in alligator). Hence why it remains on my objects-of-desire list.

And like any luxury item, the CDC has been knocked off left and right, usually to not such great effect. But Hollywould's stud bracelet does a pretty good job, all things considered. Sure, it says "Hollywould" on the front, but the leather is supple and the studs nice and shiny--plus it's made in Italy, so you can be assured the craftsmanship is superior to that of similar bracelets made in, say, China. Hollywould's bracelet, at $195, isn't totally a bargain, but compared to the cool grand you'd spend on the Hermes version, it seems like a wise investment to me.

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