With all the excitement surrounding Fashion Week, I fear Kate Moss' second Topshop collection is going to get lost in the shuffle--which is a shame, because it's pretty awesome, and possibly even better than the first pass. If her first could be described as "Kate's greatest hits," then this new collection could be called "English lass goes punk;" half of the items are preppy and classic, while the other half are definitely very rock'n'roll. It's not a new juxtaposition, but this is Kate Moss we're talking about, so of course it all works.

Like the last collection, this one has a lot of great jersey tops; I think the detailing is what sets them apart from something you'd get at, say, Forever 21. This studded top would be great for layering under a sleeveless dress for day, or you could wear it with jeans or a mini at night.

While not a direct copy of a look Kate has worn before, you can picture her wearing this striped sweater nonetheless.

This tweed blazer is a chic update of an English classic; the tiny fit and belt give it a totally modern look.

How totally sexy is this asymmetrical leather jacket? If I hadn't bought a Paul & Joe one last year, this would be the first thing I'd buy from this collection.

I had a very similar dress during the early '90s; I have a feeling we'll see Nicole Richie wearing this one before she pops out her baby next spring.

Remember when Kate started the rage for wide-leg jeans? Why not go straight to the source for this retro '70s flare jean?

So, as I was writing this, I realized that none of these items is currently available for purchase online; hopefully this is a temporary glitch that will be resolved by the time you read this! Also, no word on whether Barneys will be carrying this collection, so I think your best bet at this point is Topshop's website. Um, or any friends you might have in Britain. (Bon voyage, HG!)

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Flair said...

I was just browsing around Topshop looking at Kate Moss' line - it is really cute!