Random notes

1. Fashion week. Unfortunately, I will not be covering Fashion Week in my usual capacity this year*. I'm not going to go into the details, but I'm guessing bloggers in general had a rough time this season, because even Racked is covering the event from outside the tents (although they are partnering with superblog Refinery29 for show coverage), but they'll be linking to everyone else who's covering it, so I suggest checking Racked for super-comprehensive coverage. I also suggest Show & Tell, the always-excellent blog from the lovely ladies at New York Magazine. I'll be posting my favorite looks there, but more on that later.

2. Barneys Warehouse Sale. Based on this post alone from Faran at Fashionista (read the comments too!), I think I might run an experiment next time: Instead of going to the warehouse sale during the first two days, I'm going to wait at least a week, then probably take another trip in the last few days. Why, you ask? 75% off lowest marked prices. Enough said.

3. Woodbury Commons. After sitting through a weekend of football, MW awarded me with a trip to Woodbury Commons on Monday on the way home. It was, needless to say, a bit nuts there due to the Labor Day sales, but I managed to get a KA7 shirt, Wolford tights, bath oil at L'Occitane, and some super-cheap tees at the Gap; MW got a sweater, jeans, and John Varvatos for Converse shoes. So I stand by my assertion that Woodbury is superior to Tanger Outlets at Riverhead.

4. Recommended reading. Today's Times jumped in on the knockoff-controversy fray with this short but balanced article on, well, the knockoff biz. (If you'd like my opinion, I agree that logos and prints should be protected, but everything else is fair game--as long as it's a knockoff, not a replica.) And for my readers in Austin, (what up GSD&M!), here's a story from the Wall Street Journal about how Austin is getting all tricked out with the luxe stuff.

*If you are a publicist and would like to give me a last-minute invite to a show, my schedule is wide open, so please email me.

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