Spring 2008 Fashion Week: the halfway point
Six days down, four days to go: This fashion week has been grueling indeed (well, not for me). Weekend rumors speculating about the future of 7th on 6th had the event moving to the roof of the Port Authority Bus Terminal (can you even imagine the fashion cognoscenti at the freaking Port Authority?), but thankfully IMG confirmed today that Fashion Week will remain in Bryant Park through February 2010 and everyone--myself included--breathed a collective sigh of relief. Crisis averted. Not so lucky is our dear Almost Girl, who has come down with a nasty bout of eczema and has announced that she's moving to San Francisco. Um, what? I know she's not a favorite of yours, Cheryl Shops readers, but like her or not, you have to admire how she's built Coutorture from the ground up; I'm now a bit puzzled about the site's future, but perhaps she can continue running it from the West Coast.

For the best Fashion Week coverage, I suggest reading:
Glam.com's GlamChic blog, written by Susan Cernek, which provides a few photos and a paragraph or two about nearly every big show. The format is perfect for at-a-glance updates, and it always has super-current information.

Cathy Horyn's On the Runway blog has the best insider info, and I like that she posts snippets about each show that later end up in her longer published reviews.

Newcomer (and one of my personal favorite blogs) Jezebel posts really amusing reviews in IM format--so you kind of feel like you're the personal recipient of your really glamorous (yet sardonic) friend's text messages!

And, of course, New York Magazine's Show and Talk blog has the best all-around coverage, from parties to celebrities to the shows themselves.

Also, as of this post, at 11 p.m. the Marc Jacobs show has still not yet started. (And, of course, it's the only one that people really care about.) My thoughts on it--as well as my review of Aurelio Costarella, which I actually attended--coming tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

JEEZ! I didn't say I was leaving Coutorture. I said I was moving to San Francisco. Things will continue on as normal at the site!

I had been planning it for a while but I figured well heck now is a good time to announce it since health was one major reason I decided to make the move.

And phew if it was just eczema well I could have dealt with it. I had a total immune system collapse. Very scary, doctors a little freaked. Alas!

Anyway, Mark started at 11:15. Video is up at Coutorture