Now that the Jovovich-Hawk Go International is available at Target, customer reviews have started to trickle in, and as I feared, the collection appears to be ill-fitting and made of mostly synthetic fabrics. The earlier collections, like Paul & Joe and Proenza Schouler, had mostly silk and stretch cotton, but the more recent lines have been heavy on the polyester and rayon. The tops and pants seem to be getting better ratings, however, so perhaps those are worth a try.

I am not a huge fan of synthetic fabrics, but I will gladly wear costume jewelry, so I'm happy to report that Target's next designer collaboration will be with Justin Giunta of Subversive jewelry. Featuring the line's signature clumpy-chic look, the collection will retail for $14.99 to $59.99 (the groovy earrings pictured here are $14.99) and hits stores March 23rd. (What's left of the Dominique Cohen jewelry collection is on major markdown.) Joy Gryson's bags hit stores April 6th, with prices from $19.99 to $49.99 (check out this awesome bag, for $49.99). As for Go International, the next designer confirmed after Jovovich-Hawk is Rogan Gregory, although there's no date yet. So many designer collaborations at Target, so little time...

...which is why Wal-Mart is getting in on the Masstige bandwagon (WWD subscription required). They announced last week that '80s icon Norma Kamali will design a fashion and home line for them, a la Vera Wang for Kohl's. It sounds like a strange pairing, and it is: Kamali is an advocate of the arts and a believer in holistic wellness; Wal-Mart is known for underselling its vendors and refusing to pay benefits to its workers. If you're still intrigued but refuse, as I do, to even set foot in Wal-Mart, the collection will also be available in Kamali's NYC store at 11 W. 56th St. (although it should be noted that there is no Wal-Mart store within the five boroughs of New York City). The line will debut this fall.

Thankfully we do have a Uniqlo in NYC, so we can partake of their upcoming designer collaborations (WWD subscription required): Brazilian Juliana Jabour created six looks that will hit stores later this month (this is one of her dresses--cute, no?); for the guys, Tim Hamilton will also be in stores in a few weeks. Then, in May, downtown girls will be lining up for Alexander Wang and guys can score Loden Dager. I love me some Wang (pun intended), so I will of course keep you updated on the details.

Finally, the Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes are now in stores, but it's not like you'd know, because they're doing so little to publicize it. Besides for blog mentions here and there, the only press I saw was an article in this month's Elle. Also, in the stores and on the website, there is no mention whatsoever of Pierre Hardy's name anywhere--it's lumped in with the European Collection. Now I know most people who shop at the Gap have no idea who Hardy is (for the record, he's a French designer who has a namesake line and also makes all the shoes for Balenciaga and Christian Dior). But think of all the attention that, say H&M and Target get for their Masstige collections--all the press, and all of the foot traffic and curiosity-seekers that they draw. We all know the Gap is in major financial trouble, so don't you think they could benefit from some media attention? Maybe they can't afford to pay a marketing department anymore. Nevertheless, the Times Square Gap by my office had the same shoes that are currently available online; I have my eye on the blue-and-white striped wedge, so I might try the store on 5th Avenue, which, according to Racked, has the entire line in a special popup shop. In the meantime, my other favorite style is the wooden platform sandal pictured here, but keep in mind that only whole European sizes are available, up to 41 (which is a 10)--sorry, big-footed gals.

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