One for the boys
A few weeks ago, MW and I went out to dinner with two of his best friends, CK and DG and their significant others, and MW was the only dude at the table without a beard. Perhaps feeling a bit insecure about his manliness--or the fact that he's the only beardless hipster in Brooklyn--MW decided to grow one. (A beard, that is.) Two-plus weeks in, his beard is about a quarter of an inch long, surprisingly multicolored, and itchy. And while MW is somewhat metrosexual in terms of his shaving products and hair styling aids, he has not yet ventured into the world of moisturizers. So we went searching for a beard-specific lotion and came across the excellent men's grooming website Grooming Lounge. God knows we women have enough products at our disposal, but I was surprised to see all of the cool grooming aids available here--it's enough to turn any man's man into a product junkie. Some of them are surprisingly specialized too. For example, who would've thought that there would be a special moisturizer for bald men's heads? For the perennial Adjuster in your life, there's Balla Powder, which is pretty self-explanatory. Got a Harry Goldenblatt situation? I present The Mangroomer, an electric back-hair shaver that extends to 135 degrees. Of course, Grooming Lounge carries the more mundane products--after-shave, deodorant, body wash--but it's more fun to talk about the quirky stuff. Speaking of which, the copy on the website is hilarious, in a Maxim-lite way; I guess making pimple cream and foot spray humorous is the least one can do. As for MW, he's temporarily moisturizing his beard with a T. Anthony sample I found in my drawer, but we're going to order him some Bluebeards Original Beard Saver. That is, until he caves and shaves it all off.

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Anonymous said...

Men's grooming has really exploded into the world of beauty in the past few years and there are tons of great products out there for guys. Most guys are not even aware of all the stuff that's available to them. But, this is how they usually get into it... they go looking for one specific product, like it and then go back for more.