Reality TV roundup
Christian won Project Runway! After seeing the photos from the show, I had a feeling (as I gloated to MW last night) that he'd be victorious--he has a flair for runway drama, sure, but I also think that Christian was the most talented of the three. Rami is technically skilled, but his clothes seem to be more about showing off his tricks rather than, as he said, celebrating the female form. I will say that Jillian's was definitely the most wearable, and I really hope she finds financial backing, because if she produces a line, I will buy it. But it was sportswear, and Christian's was high fashion (which leads back to the eternal visionary male designers vs. practical female designers argument). Also, Christian, with his asymmetrical haircut and witty quips, is just made for reality stardom, and the fact that Victoria Beckham was a guest judge definitely didn't hurt. So far, the Project Runway winners have all seem to have had a little difficulty getting their businesses off the ground; hopefully Christian's drive and energy will ensure that his clothes actually make it into stores.

I am still watching America's Next Top Model, and I feel like whenever the show takes a step forward, it then manages to take a step back. Or vice versa. I thought most of the makeovers were so hideous (as was the super-annoying "Tyra TV" commentary), but then the photo shoot was fairly normal (lingerie, no crazy makeup) and mega-supermodel(!) Elle Macpherson was there, lending an air of legitimacy. (Side note: I like her lingerie line, and I recommend checking it out.) And then there was the product placement: I'm used to Cover Girl by now, but what was up with the random Apple Bottoms delivery? If you're going to whore out to a brand, at least turn it into a challenge or a photo shoot! I am glad Allison got kicked off, because she was clearly brat-tastic (and somewhat racist at that, thanks to her "black girls take it in the butt" comment). Although I will say, I know Fatima has had a hard life and is missing a clitoris and all, but girlfriend is a big ol' bitch, and next week she appears to tussle with both Whitney and Miss J. Uh-oh...

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