Buy it: the Ped Egg
I am not one of those "Eww, feet are gross!" kinds of people, but, really, my feet are kind of gross. Years of dancing and tottering around on four-inch heels has left me with some nasty calluses, and for some reason, my feet are always dry. I've never felt embarrassed about them until today, however, when, during pigeon pose in my yoga class, I noticed the sorry state of my soles. I just happened to swing by the Union Square Walgreen's on the way home, and like a beacon from heaven, there was the display of Pedi Eggs. For those of you who don't watch as much late-night cable TV as I do, the Pedi Egg is like a cheese grater for the bottom of your feet; the fun part is cleaning out your foot shavings, which, yes, tend to look like Parmesan cheese. Unlike using an actual grater on your feet, the Pedi Egg doesn't hurt. The bad news is that it didn't work too well on the callused balls of my feet, but the good news is that my heels are now baby-soft, and I have a feeling that if I keep at it, I can make progress on those nasty calluses. The Pedi Egg is $10, and well worth it, but if you buy it on TV or on the website, you get an additional Pedi Egg and foot lotion. (But wait! There's more!) Either way, well worth it--for me, and for the person behind me in yoga class.

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