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There's an age-old theory that when the economy gets rough, hemlines get longer. Considering all of the mortgage and housing-market troubles of the past few months, it's amazing that no one has brought up the adage until know; but, lo and behold, Suzy Menkes addresses the lowering skirts in today's Times. While I am always happy to show my legs, I could go for longer skirts, especially since it feels like we've been wearing minis for, oh, 10 years or so. All good things must come to an end, I suppose.

On a happier note, mark your calendars: Racked reports that Barneys Warehouse Sale is happening in Chelsea Thursday, August 14th through Monday, September 1st. (After my successful foray in February, I've decided to wait a week before going.) Of course, if you prefer being waited on by real salespeople and having a fitting room in which to change, the final sale is still happening in Barneys stores through the end of the month.

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