Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Fetish Shoes
I spent most of the summer in flats. This was primarily because I had some great flat sandals, but also because I figure I'm getting old and I should probably give my feet a break. Then I went to Fashion Week and in spite of the fact that I was wearing flats by Chloe and Repetto, I felt incredibly frumpy. High heels are sexy not only because of how they shape the leg, but because they make the wearer feel confident too, and confidence is the sexiest thing, if you ask me. (Granted, hobbling around is not particularly sexy, so it's important to wear heels that are not so high that you can't walk properly in them.) For fall, Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci sent these crazy futuristic-strappy heels down the runway, and as soon as you could say "Town Car," fashion editors and celebs were snapping them up left and right. Weirdly shaped, with complicated cutouts and buckles, these shoes are not sexy in the obvious patent-leather, spike-heeled kind of way; they take an inspiration from bondage, but push it into a modern, fashion-forward place--not into a dungeon, although if you wore any of these shoes to one, I can't imagine you'd get a bad response.

Totally impractical for winter, these Givenchy birdcage ankle boots are, depending on how you look at them, ankle-height sandals or totally cutout boots. If you have the legs (long and thin), wear them with skirts; if not, they'll still look great peeking out of slim pants.

The knee-high version of this Givenchy gladiator bootie is sold out everywhere and this, the ankle-length version, is almost there (as I'm writing this, size 10.5 is the only one left at Barneys). But this is the must-have style, and it's the one that's already being knocked off left and right (more on that later).

In comparison to the previous two shoes, these Loeffler Randall Berry crisscross pumps look almost conservative, but with the platform and four-inch heels, they're still sexy to me. The gray straps are a nice change from the all-black palette too.

If you liked the first Givenchy style, these Bebe gladiator booties might be up your alley. Yes, they are a bit on the skanky side. But if you pair them with something more conservative--say, high-waisted pants or even jeans--they become a sexy little surprise.

If the second Givenchy style is more up your alley, the Ginn by Steve Madden is pretty much a straight-up knockoff. For a fifth of the cost of the original, I must say they're a pretty good imitation. Hey, if you're okay with it, I'm okay with it.

I like the Pour La Victoire Sacha gladiator booties, because while they definitely give a nod to the Givenchy styles, they're not a blatant ripoff. Plus, Pour La Victoire, while it sounds French, is actually a Brazilian brand that makes stylish, well-made, but not outrageously expensive shoes, and that's always a bonus in my book.

These Nine West Yung shoes remind me of an armadillo for some reason. Aside from that, they're very modern looking, and they appear to be on the sturdy side, which is always a plus when you're wearing shoes this high. If you're feeling glam, you can go for silver metallic instead of black patent.

I don't think I could ever wear these Promiscuous Tempt platforms out in public--or even in the privacy of my own home--without first having several stiff drinks. But if you are more adventurous than I am, these are quite similar to the aforementioned knee-high Givenchy gladiator booties. Then again, some would say that they're quite similar to stripper shoes. It's a fine line.

Now, I never thought that I'd be including a pair of shoes by Calvin Klein in a post about fetish footwear, but here it is, and it's one of my favorites: the Parma, a platform style. It's strappy enough to be sexy, but, according to the reviews, it's even quite comfortable. Looks like giving up my flats won't be so difficult after all.


Anonymous said...

I have a pair of these black, platform type shoes from the 80's too - so glad I keep these things!

Anonymous said...

I find that comment you wrote about long and thin legs offensive. Someone can actually call long and thin legs chicken legs or grasshopper legs.Givenchy sandlas have been worn by curvy and spaely Kim krdashian. You need a nice shape to your legs. Not thin. Its sexy to have shapely claves and pretty toes. Not look skeletal like a runway model.