Recommended Reading: Mrs. O
Governor Palin might be getting all the attention with her Japanese eyeglasses and trashy red high-heels, and Cindy McCain can certainly afford her standard-issue six-figure Oscar de la Renta outfits, but if you ask me, Michelle Obama wins hands down when it comes to campaign-trail fashion. (Okay, I might be a little biased.) I commend her for wearing local Chicago designers like Maria Pinto, as well as up-and-coming Vogue darlings like Thakoon Panichgul, but Obama also deserves true style points for wearing off-the-rack looks. The White House|Black Market dress she wore on The View instantly sold out, and she was recently photographed wearing a dress from H&M, of all places. Chronicling her fabulous wardrobe is the new blog Mrs. O, which broke the story about the H&M dress. In the democratic spirit, you can vote on each of her looks. Well written and thoroughly reported, I can only hope that Mrs. O--the blog and the woman--will stick around after the election.

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