Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Buffalo Plaid
I was in high school during the height of the Grunge era, and so Doc Martens, thermals, and plaid flannel hold a very special place in my heart. Part of me keeps hoping for a grunge resurgence, but seeing is how fashion is still fixated on the '80s, I think we're still several years away from that. Still, with all of the crazy stuff that's going on in the world right now, I think there's something comforting about plaid flannel--think of it as the fashion version of macaroni and cheese. Yet for all of its coziness and, yes, even its lumberjacky connotations, I think there's something polished about buffalo plaid, a simple two-color pattern. And to prevent it from veering too far into Grunge territory, these pieces interpret the pattern in everything from well-tailored jackets to feminine ruffled blouses. Let's call it post-Grunge.

If you're going for haute hunter, no one reinterprets classic American pieces like Ralph Lauren. The Klondike jacket is based on a hunter's jacket, but, pattern aside, that's where the similarities end. Beautifully tailored, it will turn anyone's figure into a va-va-voom hourglass.

Opening Ceremony's buffalo plaid coat has a similarly polished look, but with more of a youthful, mod silhouette. I like the oversized scale of the pattern too.

I love the contradiction of this Robert Rodriguez jacket: The shape is incredibly dramatic and fussy; if it were in, say, taffeta, it would be a completely different look. But the soft ombré plaid mellows it out, creating a perfect balance.

This Ivy plaid shirt has a cascading ruffle at the neckline; that, plus the fitted silhouette ensure that no one will mistake you for a boy when you wear it.

This Smoke & Mirrors Flipside swing jacket is reversible, which is always a bonus. I think the plaid pattern makes it even more versatile too, because the shape is dressy enough to wear over skirts or dresses, while the plaid is casual enough to wear with jeans.

The tie-front style of this Larsen Gray flannel shirt is a nice feminine detail, but, more importantly, the shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, which is even nicer.

I saw this awesome Paul & Joe Sister plaid shirt at Urban Outfitters, but since I can't handle the store, I ordered it on the website. Sadly, I paid attention to the description, which said to order up a size; it was huge on me. So when I reorder it in my real size, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

The Rosalind plaid jacket from BB Dakota is the kind of thing you wear with leggings on the weekend, and I am totally fine with that.

I feel like Mary-Kate Olsen was photographed recently in a shirt like this plaid tunic smock; she was wearing it with shiny leggings and outrageously high platform shoes, and she was clutching a pack of Marlboros. I think that's a perfect way to wear this roomy, grungy-chic top (minus the Marlboros, of course).

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Anonymous said...

I have a dress in this red & black plaid pattern from the 80's that I've been saving - never thought it would come back in style - so surprised to see this now - hope it still fits me!