Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Leopard-Print Scarves
Count me among the many who worship at the altar of Kate Moss. She is my number-one style icon and by far the person whose outfits I try to emulate the most. So when I saw a photo of her earlier this year wearing a black blazer, dark flare-leg jeans, brown moccasins, and a leopard-print scarf, I set to work recreating her look. The one piece I have yet to acquire, however, is the leopard-print scarf. Gauzy, pastel-colored scarves were a dime a dozen this summer, but finding a more substantial leopard-print scarf like Kate's was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, it's fall now, and luxe cashmere scarves are out in full force.

Kate's actual scarf is this Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton number (I've seen her photographed with the red version as well). It's also a collector's item, because Sprouse has since passed away. All things considered, $725 is not awful, but the good news is that you can get something very similar to this for a lot less.

This Roberto Cavalli fringed shawl is, well, technically a shawl, but you could probably get away with wearing it as a scarf. Plus, it's Cavalli, and if there's anyone who does a good leopard print, it's him.

Etro's animal-print scarf is not really an animal print, but I think this is a tasteful option for those who find leopard print a bit too...wild.

Leave it to Kitson to have a leopard-print scarf (they also have similar versions in bright pink and blue), but this one is 100% cashmere, and therefore pretty luxe. The colors look a bit too vivid to me, but that might just be the photography.

Here's another Cavalli leopard scarf. The shape is wrong, but the price is better and, again, if you want leopard, he's your man.

This Karen Zambos Vintage Couture scarf is knit, so it will be a little cozier for winter. I also like that the leopard print is a bit more abstract; like the Etro scarf above, it's an alternative to the classic leopard print.

This Urban Outfitters scarf is a bit more sheer than I'd like (it's linen, so it's more of a summer scarf) and the color is a bit darker, but it's nice and long, so you could recreate the Kate Moss multi-wrapped effect. Also, the price--$28--is not at all bad.

I like Michael Kors, because he makes things like leopard look classy. This merino wool scarf is knit, but, all things considered, it's pretty subdued.

My favorite scarf (aside from the original Vuitton) is this Tolani pashmina. It's apparently a celeb favorite, and if you search, you can find it in other color combinations. I'm not totally wild about the variations in color, but it's pretty darn good.

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