Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Tan Convertible Bags
I am always looking for a new bag. As soon as I find one, I'm happy for about a week, and then I start looking for another one. In some ways, I think I just like the thrill of the hunt; in others, I'm still looking for the perfect bag. The closest thing I've found is the Anna Corinna City Tote; I love mine, and still use it, but I also get tired of seeing it everywhere (I feel like half the women in NYC own one). Also, my City Tote is black, and I'd really like a bag in tan (or beige, or camel). I like the option of carrying my bag on either my forearm or my shoulder, so I'm focusing on convertible bags (or, I should say, multi-strapped ones). I'm not sure that any of these will be The One, but here are some strong contenders.


I love the YSL Muse bag, but it's been knocked off everywhere, and, well, there is something a little bit conspicuous about the big Y on the side. This Rive Gauche bag is a bit more understated but, sadly, just as expensive as the Muse, even at Bluefly.

I always love Chloe bags too, and the Heloise satchel, with its broken-in look and detailed straps, is a strong contender. However, whenever I've picked up Chloe bags in the store, they tend to be heavy--and that's without anything inside. I love a sturdy bag, but not one that requires weekly massage therapy in order to carry it.

This Burberry tote has a very classic look, and I was surprised to find that it was one of my favorites. Love the color, love the styling, love the size...and while $1,000 for a bag is nothing to sneeze at, it almost seems like a bargain compared to the previous two bags.

I was going to include this Malababa Filomena bag with the $$$ ones, but now it's on sale, so yay for that. I like how it kind of looks like an old-school briefcase (there was recently an article in Lucky on this). The divided inside looks very organization-friendly as well.

This Silverlake tote from The Sak reminds me of the Burberry bag above, but with a slightly less refined look. The tote shape is definitely work-friendly, but the color is a tiny bit darker than I'd prefer.

For all the $80 khaki pants it sells, you have to admire J.Crew for branching out into more luxurious fare, like this Jamie bag. It's not all tricked out with bells and whistles and hardware, but the pleated shape is sophisticated, and the tassels keep it from being boring.

I've found Jessica Simpson's shoes, while cute, to be completely uncomfortable. This Aer satchel is not bad, but I'm a bit wary of the tacky signature on the bottom, and, for those concerned about this sort of thing, it's not leather.

If you're going to go faux-leather though, I think this vaguely Marc Jacobs-y Melie Bianco satchel is a more stylish option.

But why not spend a little bit more and get a real leather bag? This Gap leather satchel is simple but roomy, and I think that, for the price, it's an incredibly smart buy. Looks like Patrick Robinson is making some positive changes after all!

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