Mackage & What Goes Around Comes Around Spring 2012

New York Fashion Week officially starts on a Thursday, but there are always shows the day before; in my case, I was invited to seven. So much for sticking to the calendar. Anyway, I take this day-before-the-official-start-date as an opportunity to ease myself into the Fashion Week schedule, and so I hit two low-key presentations that I was most interested in.

Mackage is probably best known for making strong, fashion-conscious, yet also timeless coats; they've eased into ready-to-wear in recent seasons, and, just like its outerwear, it perfectly toes the line between classic and current. It all seems designed to appeal to a wide range of people—not that there's anything wrong with that. Mackage stuck to a very neutral, if non-committal, palate of white, black, and beige, with nicely cut sheath dresses and slim pants. I was just starting to think of Mackage as the, well, beige of the contemporary market when I saw the look at right, which looks like it could've been designed just for me: a khaki motorcycle jacket with leather sleeves over a black dress with a pleated skirt (which is actually detachable). Who needs color when you can look this cool?

If Mackage is beige, then What Goes Around Comes Around is a psychedelic rainbow. A contemporary line designed by the owners of the eponymous vintage store in Soho. WGACA's shows take place at the Soho Grand, include free champagne (I can neither confirm nor deny whether I imbibed), and are produced by People's Revolution, thereby giving them a somewhat blasé downtown vibe. As for the clothes, they're equally off-kilter, but, much like the show, in a charming way. There were ponchos, maxi dresses, and, a trend that my inner Palm Springs doyenne hopes will come to fruition, caftans. What Goes Around Comes Around, indeed.

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