TheFind Guest Post: Friendship Jewelry Gets a Fashionable Update - It's Not Just For Kids!

Ah, I remember the good old days on the playground when all my friends (and "not-so"-friends) would swap severed halves of a single plastic heart necklace (or, during that weird phase when hippie-inspired symbols were so in, opposite halves of a yin-yang). One extra-popular girl would have five different strands adorning her neck, another girl would have none... and someone would always be the odd gal out in a group of 3 friends. In any case, jealousy inevitably ensued without fail. Let's face it - we made even the cattiest gals on Gossip Girl look like peacemakers. Now that we're past those days (ha!) and have learned to choose our friends wisely, it seems only fitting that we embrace friendship jewelry back into our lives... in a much more stylish fashion! The playground favorite heart necklace gets a much more elegant interpretation courtesy of Dogeared (perfect if your BFF happens to be your sweetheart, too), but if you prefer stackable bracelets, share these delicate bangles by Good Charma with a dear friend. Get a blast from the past, summer camp-style, with a woven trio (ideal for those tricky groups of 3!) of braided bracelets from Kris Nations, or go subtle with an adorable pair of matching lovebird earrings by Gorjana. Here's to hoping your equally fashionable BFF doesn't become a frenemy!

- Alex Gambardella

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