I'm back!
I survived the below-freezing temperatures of Chicago, my cold is 95% better, and I am ready to help shape your holiday shopping experience. I'd estimate that I'm 2/3 done with my holiday shopping, and I hope to be completely finished by the weekend. I realize that might be a bit unrealistic, but, hey, it's good to set goals for yourself.

I spent Shopping Day on Michigan Avenue in Chicago (It's roughly equivalent to Fifth Avenue in New York), and aside from the PETA protesters outside Nordstrom, it was pretty uneventful and not terribly crowded. Then again, after living in New York for so long, everything in Chicago seems luxuriously spacious to me. I also hit Target while at home (the Isaac Mizrahi clothes are nothing special, but the accessories are to die for--and cheap!), and I went to my favorite craft store ever, Hobby Lobby, which is so uniquely Midwestern, I can't even begin to tell you.

But, it's good to be home. Onto the fun stuff...

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