Is that a crime?
In this week's E! Fashion Police, I know everyone thinks she's a big bitch, but I must confess, I love Gwyneth Paltrow and I think she's so incredibly stylish--the Grace Kelly of our generation. So, here, she looks incredibly foxy and glowing, and I'm so happy for her and that Coldplay guy. I hope they have the most stylish, talented little baby. OK, enough gushing. Next, we have our little Frodo, Elijah Woods, doing the retro thing (and I'd say he pulls it off); Tom Cruise looking like a fag and Penelope Cruz looking like his hag (ack! Don't sue me, Tom! I said looking like); Liv Tyler blowing all of the little waifs out of the water in a hot Alexander McQueen frock; Beyonce making yet another jumpsuit misstep (maybe a little less Versace would do the trick, girl); Colin Farrell smoking a fag, and I'm beginning to understand why women fawn over him so much; smiling Shannon Elizabeth, who is starting to look a bit old and drawn to me; and Nicky Hilton way-outclassing big sis Paris in a sexy (but demure) white dress (MW thinks she's hotter anyway).

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