Buy it: moccasins
If you're a regular Cheryl Shops reader, you know that I've been on a mad, unsuccessful search for the elusive Miu Miu high-heeled moccasins, which, after this post, I will stop talking about, because I realize I'm being a bit OCD about the whole thing. Anyway, Miu Miu was also offering a flat version, which some stores still have in, like, size 36, but most are sold out of as well. While the flat ones are nowhere near as cool as the high heels, they're a hell of a lot comfier. Also, they're $300. So I found these on the Minnetonka website, for less than $30. They also carry the Thunderbird, which I wore religiously when I was in elementary school. Or there's the two-button boot, favored by Doi, my favorite babysitter. (Her name was actually Carrie, but for some reason I called her Doi. Don't ask.) I'm going to venture to say that moccasins are the new Uggs. They're both very comfy and a bit on the ugly side. But like I said with the Uggs, when trendy yet comfortable footwear comes along, run with it, no matter how aesthetically unappealing it is. And that, dear readers, concludes my last-ever mention of the Miu Miu high-heeled moccasins.

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