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Every summer, I set out to buy three things, the more whimsical the better: 1) a sundress, 2) sandals, and 3) a fun bag. Sandals are never a problem, the sundress rarely happens, and the bag is, well, a mixed bag. But this year, only a few days into June, I have found my bag at Loop. New York-based Loop has been around since 1997, designing functional and, most importantly, affordable bags for many purposes. Their materials range from vinyl to satin to suede; prices rarely go above $100; and the styles are so cute, I could buy at least one from each line. Some of my favorites: My inner 8-year-old loves this Delux Travel Kit; the Joji Sling is a little bit disco; the Corrine Shoulder bag comes with a little version and looks like cool retro wallpaper; the Courtney Guitar Strap Bag is perfect for the girl rock star in your life (or within you); the Shenyang long clutch is great for a night on the town; and this PVC tote is just plain cool. You can also find crazy stuff like this light box and pubic stencils. Loop is a company that clearly, happily captures the eccentric styles of NYC (and, for the record, I'm buying this bag).

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