The long-overdue Father's Day gift guide
Hey, you still have 11 days to find a present! But if you've bought one already, I'm very sorry for my tardiness. I'm going to take the low road and blame my job, which I'm not too fond of as of late. So if you or anyone you know is looking for a fashion writer/editor, please e-mail me. Anyway, on to the gift guide...For the sake of simplicity (and saving time), all of these gifts are good for pretty much any dad--as long as yours is as low-maintenance as mine is. Good luck, and happy shopping.

How many guys you know use a money clip for their bills but put a rubber band around their credit cards? (Sadly, I know quite a few.) Red Envelope's leather card case + money clip puts it all together without the bulk of a wallet.

The one appliance in our kitchen that my dad can operate is the coffee machine, however it's a Mr. Coffee circa 1976. For an updated, yet user-friendly, version, check out this Salton Melitta One coffeemaker, for which you pop in a cartridge and have a freshly brewed cup o' joe 60 seconds later.

Out on the course, nothing screams "My daughter is a fashionista!" like Burberry golf accessories. (Neiman Marcus also carries wood covers and golf gloves.)

Whenever it rained when we were up at our cottage, my dad and I would play cards (poker, double solitaire, hearts, etc.), and this 160-chip poker set would've come in handy.

Or if you're a board-game-playing family, any dad would appreciate this travel three-in-one game box.

I saw this and started laughing, only because it's so appropriate. In fact, it doesn't need much of a description, other than monogrammed steak brand. See?

You get the brand, and have your sibling buy this Smith & Wollensky gift set, which includes knives, a cookbook, and steak sauce.

Does Dad complain about going all the way upstairs to the kitchen for a snack while he's downstairs at his workbench? Get him this Hot+Cold Snack Box for beer and sandwiches at close reach.

Last time I was in Napa Valley, I brought back some Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for my dad and he was so happy, he almost cried (except men don't cry). Do the same for yours with this gift set featuring Mondavi's 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon reserve, a fancy-schmancy corkscrew, and a nice wood box.

Real dads don't drink beer out of the can; real dads drink out of a Stag Horn mug.

Get Dad to ditch the Old Spice when you introduce him to the wonderful world of Kiehl's, via their Ultimate Men's Collection gift set.

Finally, if all else fails, get your dad what I'm getting mine: this book, about the U.S. Naval air campaign in WWII (my dad loooves WWII).

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