Website of the week
My coworker Andrew has this amazing-smelling lotion (a gift from his former coworkers) by mark. I did a little investigating and found mark.'s website...and lo and behold, it's a division of Avon! While it's an overt attempt to appeal to a newer, younger generation, it's a welcome one: mark. has a ton of cool products, and they're all cheap. There's Andrew's Garden Blu lotion for $10; much-needed butt-fixing cream (at $8, the cheapest cellulite cream I've ever encountered); and the interesting hair-minimizing deodorant for a whopping $2.50! As for makeup, the Story Book is a Stila-like kit (and at $20, half the price); crystal shimmer hook-up powder seems to encourage the aforementioned action ($5!); and I'm in love with the packaging for C-Thru-U Tint. There's also a skincare section with more affordable finds. But my favorite part is the jewelry and accessories: I love this cheeky In Love We Trust tote; this incredibly cheap and summery Beach Beauty bracelet; and the sequin wristband watch--perfect for a night of debauchery. Now I wonder what my mom is going to say when I tell her I'm an Avon fanatic.

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