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Last week, I lamented being not so jazzed about clothes. This is still the case as of now, but rarely am I not jazzed about shoes. In fact, all that's on my fall shopping list so far is shoes (in case you were wondering, equestrian boots, slouchy boots a la Vivienne Westwood's Pirate boots, round-toe mary janes, and round-toe boots). So instead of extolling the virtues of shoe shopping (come on, you all know how sublime it is), I simply present Office, a British chain that, fortunately, ships to the U.S. (unlike Topshop, my absolute favorite British store). Now, the exchange rate is not totally favorable and shipping is 20 pounds (about $35), but a lot of the shoes here are so unique and fashion-forward, the extra expense is worth it. (And, hey, if you buy four or five pairs, $35 for shipping doesn't seem that bad.) Office carries its own brand, as well as Camper, Birkenstock (the trendier styles), Ted Baker, Fly London, Rocket Dog, and Irregular Choice (a kickass brand you can also find at Urban Outfitters, except Office has styles not available here), plus they have a huge sneaker section for the kicks-fetishists out there. Shoes are organized simply by style: ankle boots, knee boots, low heels, medium heels, high heels, sandals, wedding, and sports. My (many) favorites: These Irregular Choice Rocketboy boots have a retro cartoon graphic on the side for making a statement, but the very-this-season round toe makes them practical under a pair of jeans, too. Fly London's Wedge heel boots are a comfortable height, with interesting embroidery on the toe. These Satin ballet slippers are so girly and, at 15 pounds (about $27), quite a bargain (ballet-slipper-wise, I also like the leather Twister). These Seychelles Punch Loop Buckle pumps look like Sigerson Morrison, but are way cheaper. The Prairie pump is a bit springy for now, but the black is practical for fall. And speaking of spring, these Paco Gill snakeskin Mary Janes will take you right into spring a la Dolce & Gabbana. And I am drooling over the Velma bar shoes--words cannot describe how cool these are. Seriously, I could say something good about 90% of the shoes here. I think I'm going to start a letter-writing campaign, to bring Office to the U.S. (maybe they can convince Topshop too). Who's in?

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