America's Next Top Model recap
Did you miss the cattiness on America's Next Top Model last week? I sure did. Well--good news--it's back! Tyra, with plus-size model Kate Dillon and a nutritionist, paid the girls a visit to talk about body image and nutrition. Cassie asked for a private consultation, then flipped out when they suggested that maybe she should see a professional to talk about her eating issues (i.e. barfing). Cassie then flipped out again after Ann carved "Clean up your shit" in her low-carb brownies. Cassie is obviously a slob in the kitchen, but that was asking for trouble on Ann's part, in my opinion. Yaya then stepped into the bitch fray by wearing a T-shirt that said "respect" in Portugese and getting all high and mighty in telling the girls they need to respect each other, etc. The next day, in the most ridiculous segment thus far, the girls attended a "boot camp" where they were supposed to be building "determination", and while Ann went into her athelete mode (as opposed to her model mode, where she looks like a dead fish), Cassie wasn't havin' it, and she just sat on the ground...much like a dead fish. The girls then had to run up 14 flights of stairs and have a surprise photo shoot at the top. Again, would this happen in real life? Um, no. Yaya won the challenge (beating jock Ann), and she and Toccara got spa treatments while the other girls got to walk home. The big photo shoot of the episode involved more horrible makeup and clothing (are they ever going to make the girls look like actual models, or just freak shows?) and jumping on a trampoline. Yaya tried to repress her inner dancer and ended up with terrible photos; Amanda kicked ass, then Yaya acted like a big baby, showing that she, too, can do cool poses on a trampoline. Yaya is falling a couple of notches, by the way, on my cool scale. At the eliminations, the final three were Cassie, Ann, and Kelle; as I predicted last week, Kelle got the inevitable boot. I'm guessing Cassie is next: She has this weird eating disorder thing, she has a bad attitude (lack of carbs will do that to a person), and she majorly dissed NYC, which is so not cool.

Next week: The girls get frisky in a hot tub (what is it about hot tubs?) and meet some NYC designers on go-sees. And Toccara's rack appears to be a problem again...

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