I knew I was tired yesterday, but this takes the cake: Reader Diane e-mailed me this morning to say that this story, a link to which I published yesterday, had a huge-ass picture of my favorite last-season America's Next Top Model contestant, Shandi Sullivan, in it, and I didn't even notice. So, everyone click on the link and look at Shandi! She looks great, doesn't she? Apparently the picture was taken at an "Apprentice viewing party" (Shandi didn't walk in the show that was actually in the episode), which got me thinking, maybe Shandi has been signed with Trump's modeling agency. A little Googling later, I discovered that Shandi has signed with IMG...the very agency that represents ANTM winner Yoanna. (I also came across much catty message board gossip saying that Yoanna is a diva/bitch, lives in a $4,000/month apartment in NYC, and has the richest doctor in Jacksonville, Florida, as a father.) So, yay Shandi! But, umm, has anyone seen her at the Empire State Building Walgreens lately?

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