America's Next Top Model recap
So, I thought last night's episode of America's Next Top Model sucked. It was the "acting episode," which I always think is stupid to begin with, because as Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn, Elle MacPherson, and countless others have shown us, models can't act. So, anyway, the models learned how to "act" from some crazy old-school "acting" coach and Taye Diggs (UPN cross-promotion, obviously), then flew to Tokyo, where they had to film a commerical in Japanese with an non-English-speaking director and a bad translator (how Lost in Translation!). Ann managed to pull her shit together, but everyone else pretty much sucked. Their only other challenge was during the elimination, when they had to do another impromptu "commercial" for some stuff that obviously tasted like shit (thankfully the commercial was in English this time). There were no photo shoots, sadly. In the end, Nicole got the boot for not being memorable enough (both the "acting" coach and Tyra herself almost forgot to give Nicole her critiques--not a good sign). I wish they had kicked off Yaya, who has become soooo obnoxiously bitchy and superior (she spit out the food during her commercial), I can barely stand to watch her (people have hilariously taken to calling her "Yack Yack" on the Television Without Pity message boards). If Yaya's not the next to go, I'm going to be pissed. Still, I think Eva's going to win. Next week: More bitchiness!

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