The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Your Mom
Come on, she carried you in her womb for nine months!

For the eternally dieting mom: Now, if your mom is a very sensitive person, this is not the gift to get her. But I think the Sharper Image's carb scale is the coolest thing I've seen in awhile, especially for the low-carb dieter. Plunk down your whole-wheat pasta and it'll tell you how many carbs you'll be consuming, perfect for holiday negotiating ("Well, if I have one pumpkin spice cookie, I'll eat steak and lettuce for the rest of the day!").

For the mom who's picky about her surroundings: Jo Malone's travel set features three of her best-selling candles that can help Mom recreate that comforting environment anywhere from Alaska to Antigua.

For the geneology-obsessed mom: Red Envelope's family tree will help her visually organize everything, and it's monogrammable for that family-heirloom touch.

For the practical yet indulgent mom: My mom likes the Isotoner gloves that you buy at Sears, but if yours is a bit classier, try these cashmere-lined leather gloves from Nordstrom.

For the lounging-loving mom: Don't tell her I said this, but sometimes on the weekends, my mom never gets dressed. (Hey, she's retired.) So for days like that, a pretty robe, like this one from Anthropologie, is in order.

For the mom who hates to cook: In the morning she chops some vegetables, then tosses them and some meat and maybe some broth into the All-Clad Slow-Cooker. When she gets home from work, voila! Stew!

For the mom who loves to cook: My mom's recipe book is a binder filled with recipes my grandma copied by hand, then stuffed in the side pockets are hundreds of recipes my mom cut out of magazines and newspapers. For organizational purposes, you can't beat Soleberry's recipe notebook from French artist 100drine.

For the mom who likes to think she's still hip: Vince's cashmere poncho is stylish, but the forgiving cut of the poncho is something Mom can handle.

For the proud mom: Get Mom a Alex Woo number necklace for the number of kids, grandchildren, or, if she's Angelina Jolie, lovers she has. Or get her favorite number (lucky seven?). Or get her the five and pretend it's Chanel! (In case anyone was wondering, five is my favorite number.)

For the mom who has everything: Cowgirl Creamery has several cheese-of-the-month clubs to choose from. Yeah, it's a little wacky, but I doubt she already belongs to one.

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