Random shopping notes, part II
1) On my lunch hour, I walked by the Lucky Shops thing. While there were a lot of people milling around, there appeared to be no line to get in. I talked to two girls who had just come out, and they said that the deals inside weren't so great (they didn't buy anything), but that the gift bag kicked ass. They also said they got free tickets from that IN: NYC AmEx card and probably wouldn't have paid the full admission price. Yikes. But they told me, "Try to go for free and get a gift bag!" Yay for gift bags, I guess.

2) Lured back by an e-mail announcing a new shipment of Ben Sherman shirts, I went to Clothingline again, and was much more pleased with the selection this time. They have two racks of men's woven shirts, in a variety of sizes--I even saw some smalls! The shirts are kind of eh, but some are pretty cool.

3) And because I am totally nuts, I went back to the Fresh sale. This time, I breezed right in. All of the body washes and lotions are gone, as are the "index" perfumes they had, but there are still a ton of little soaps, and I got five bars of "baby milk" soap for $1 each (I figure if it's okay for a baby, it's okay for me). There's still a lot of makeup; I got a lip gloss, a lipstick, and a four-eyeshadow palette. The makeup may be discontinued, but the colors are surprisingly normal, and Fresh makes really high-quality stuff.

4) A special shout-out to my new employer, Macys.com. Yes, that's right, I finally got a new job. Yay!

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