Guest shopper
While I was waiting in line for 90 minutes yesterday at Fresh, MK was waiting in line for 90 minutes at Steven Alan. Here's her report:

I just got back from the Steven Alan sale. I wish I had gotten up a
half hour earlier and not had so much work to do...last time I
remember getting there at exactly 8:30 and making it in right away.
This time I was there at 9:00 and got in at 10:30! They decided to
have no more than about 25 people in the showroom at any given time;
guess last time was deemed too insane. I spent a good 45 minutes
inside checking out the goods...the best stuff on the racks was
already taken, but there were still some treasures buried at the
bottom of the boxes. Brands I can remember are Mint, Indigo People,
Steven Alan, APC, (a lot of) Diana Lee, and cool Wrangler jeans in
human sizes. I bought ONE Diana Lee sweater for all my time and
effort...but I end up wearing stuff I buy from Steven Alan all the
time, so I guess it was worth it...

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