Cheryl shops...Karl Lagerfeld for H&M
Two words: Go now. I went to the 34th & 7th location before work this morning and it wasn't too bad, although I overheard a woman saying that fights broke out at the 5th Avenue store. Anyway, the clothes. Are. To die for. (Go here for a preview.) Most of the separates are $50: There are some ski-inspired sweaters, several chiffon tops, a tuxedo blouse, straight-leg jeans-style black trousers, straight-leg denim pants in black and indigo washes, camisole-and-tap-pants sets (they come in plain black and a peach-and-black photo-type print), 3 or 4 dresses ($99), a gorgeous pleated chiffon skirt, several jackets (I think they were $130-ish), and a coat or two (didn't price). Most items are black; some come in dusty pink or purple. Accessory-wise, there's a weird hat (the skull is knit and the brim is felted), a geometric cuff bracelet and matching ring, a nice unisex small messenger bag, leather gloves (very cool), sunglasses, a belt (for men), and, of course, eau de Karl, a unisex cologne that smelled slightly more masculine to me. The prices for all are a bit higher than what you'd normally pay at H&M, but the quality is at least ten times better--Lagerfeld definitely knows what he's doing. I bought the tuxedo shirt, which is seriously the best-made button-down shirt I've ever tried on (even better than my circa-1999 Gucci silk shirt), and there is not even a hint of gaping-boob, a problem I often suffer with button-downs. I also bought the black slipdress, which doesn't look like much on the hanger but is incredibly sexy and flattering; and I got the matching cuff-and-ring set. I tried on a short-sleeved black chiffon blouse that was gorgeously made but unfortunately made me look a bit top-heavy (not a good bet for the busty gals); I also tried on the chiffon skirt (in a way-too-small 6--yikes!), however they were already sold out of my size by the time I got there, and so I convinced myself that I didn't need it, because I already own three black pleated skirts anyway. (Although this one is different...hmm, maybe I'll go back later today to see if there are any more...) To add to the whole experience, H&M wraps your purchases in tissue paper and puts them in a big boutique-style shopping bag with "Karl Lagerfeld for H&M" on it. Sigh. Move over, Marc Jacobs--I'm in love.

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