The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Your Dad
He's quite possibly the hardest person in the world to shop for.

For the golf-loving dad: Golf tees, check. Ball markers, check. Golf ball, check. Flask, check! This golf flask gift set has all that Dad needs for a morning on the course. Will a nip of Scotch help his swing? It's worth a try...

For the indoor dad: This six-in-one game features chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, cribbage, dice, and cards--enough to keep him busy on a rainy day.

For the dad who's master of his domain: If you're a Seinfeld fan, that probably conjured up some really nasty images. Anyway, Seinfeld has finally come out on DVD, and the limited-edition gift set features episodes from the first three seasons, plus other goodies like playing cards and salt-and-pepper shakers. Serenity now!

For pretty much any dad: I've had a pair of Gap pajamas since middle school (we're talking at least 14 years, here) and hopefully these Gap pajamas will last him half as long.

For the Dostoevsky-loving dad: Crate & Barrel's vodka set keeps his beverage of choice ice-cold and ready to sip.

For the film snob dad: More and more when I travel, I see guys with a portable DVD player. Get your dad one and he'll never have to watch a bad J.Lo movie again.

For the dad who can appreciate luxury: J.Crew is undergoing a bit of a makeover, and their cashmere sweaters are top notch: an ultrafine 12-gauge knit, made in Italy, and available in an array of colors.

For the dad who doesn't watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Kyan would freak if he saw the Safeguard soap and Old Spice in Dad's medicine cabinet, so give him Kiehl's Ultimate Man Collection for a QE-style "make better."

For the dad who loves irony: When A Christmas Story is on TV, my dad, who has a rather dry sense of humor, cackles uncontrollably. So I have a feeling he would love this leg lamp, an exact replica of the one featured in the movie. I have a feeling, however, that, much like the mom in the movie, my mom wouldn't appreciate it so much.

For the dad who keeps meaning to take that European vacation: If he still hasn't gone on his wine-tasting trip through Tuscany,'s Viva Italia gift set will save him $5,000. And we all know that saving money is what Dad likes best.

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