Project Runway recap
So far this season of Project Runway, I've thought the whole model bit was dumb--you know, when they ask last week's winner whether he/she wants to keep his/her model, and the designer inevitably says yes. Not so this week, with Zulema--she not only challenged three models to a walkoff, but then took Gay Uncle Nick's model (and muse), sticking Nick with her former model, whom even Tim Gunn referred to as "marshmallow-like." Yeow. Poor Nick was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and I thought it was curtains for him as he tearfully complained to the camera and moped around. The designers paid a visit to Michael Kors' studio, where he showed them his inspiration for his spring collection, then gave them all Olympus digital cameras (sponsor alert!). The designers were given an hour to go around Manhattan and take photos of interesting things that inspired them; it was interesting to see what that was, as crazy Santino snapped pictures of pretty much everything, whereas Chloe was inspired by architecture and Kara signs. Right. (Poor Nick was so down, he was barely taking pictures of anything.) After deciding on their most inspiring photo, the designers had to sketch and create a garment based on that photo. But before they got to work, Tim Gunn gave them all a tough love speech, in which he pointed out to each designer the area in which they need to "make it work." And I decided Tim Gunn would make the best Dad ever. At this point, Daniel V., who so far has not shown much of a personality at all, gave Nick an incredible pep talk that not only kicked Nick's ass back into gear but made me want to hug Daniel V. And he is a true competitor, because his runway look was incredibly sophisticated (granted, it would not be flattering on 90% of the women in this world, but it was very couture, and the judges love that sort of thing). Our dear Jay (season one's winner) made an appearance as a guest judge, and while there was a bit much of "Last season this" and "Last season that," he was very honest and unpretentious, which was nice after weeks of Michael Kors' bitchiness and Nina Garcia's...well, bitchiness. Anyway, Jay clearly liked Andrae's gutter-inspired silver gown (as did I--I loved that he made something so gorgeous based on something so ugly), but Daniel's orchid-inspired outfit won out in the end. Chloe's dress was very Chloe; Santino's amusingly looked like something Austin Scarlett did last season (as Jay helpfully pointed out); and Nick's was pretty but uninspired (hey, he lost his muse, so give him a break!). It came down to Kara's very literal caution-tape dress (which looked like something you'd buy in a Rave store circa 1988) and Zulema's shapeless, apparently unfinished schmatte, but, as we all know, Karma's a bitch, so model-stealer Zulema got kicked out. And I approve fully, because, honestly, I think everything she's designed thus far has been kind of butt ugly.

Next week, I have a feeling Nick and his lovely muse will be reunited, plus the designers take yet another field trip...

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