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Even though I have a taste for the finer things in life, I am really a bargain shopper at heart. Which is why I love this time of year--not only are there post-holiday sales galore, but the retailers' fiscal year ends in January, so they mark stuff down in hopes of 1) clearing out all their merchandise to make room for spring stuff and 2) scrounge out as much money as possible. This often means issuing coupons. Now, I am never ashamed to use a coupon, even at fancy places like Barneys. But at this time of year, I use them with reckless abandon. Which is why I was overjoyed to find out about Wow Coupons. (Please ignore the annoying dollar-bill guy as the page loads, and click through.) Wow Coupons provides printable coupons for retailers, grocery stores and restaurants, plus travel deals and rebates. Since I don't go to theme parks or eat at Chuck E. Cheese, I'll focus on the Retail section. Now, unlike those other "coupon code" websites, which I find hard to navigate (plus half the codes have expired), Wow's listings are in a tidy, multi-column format with shopper-friendly store logos, a clear explanation of the deal, and when the deal expires (if it's expiring soon, an animated "hurry" is added behind the store name). Among today's deals: a free facial treatment at Clarins counters nationwide, 20% off coupons for almost all May Co. stores, 20% off your purchase at Rampage stores, and $10 off a $50 purchase with your MasterCard at Steve Madden stores. Okay, so it's not a coupon for Barneys, but it is a good resource. With deals like these, who can afford to be snobby?

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