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As regular Cheryl Shops readers know, I have a bad habit called Us Weekly. And while I love to read about Nicole Richie's "workouts" and Lindsay Lohan's "diet tips" as much as the next girl, I really like to read it (or, rather, look at it) for the pictures, to see what the trendy young celebs are wearing while they're out and about. And I've noticed recently that all of a sudden, the girls are wearing jeans by brands I've never heard of. (What happened to True Religion as celeb denim brand of choice?) Anyway, Kate Moss (whom Big Boss just spotted tonight on Mercer Steet) was recently seen buying several pairs of J Brand jeans in L.A., and in a search for this elusive brand, I came across Raw Clothing, a San Diego-based site that's all about tees and denim. (While I would normally make fun of a California-based outfit that's all about tees and denim, Raw Clothing makes no pretenses about being "fashion," so they're okay by me.) According to the site, Raw is San Diego's #3 tourist destination (after the zoo and Sea World), and from their near-epic selection of denim, you can see why. They stock old standbys (Paper Denim, Seven, Chip & Pepper), cult labels (Hudson, J & Co., Taverniti So), and even ones I've never heard of (1921, Elvis, Robin's). And while they also carry familiar T-shirt lines (Juicy, James Perse), they have countless indie and below-the-radar lines, all modeled by refreshingly tattooed young ladies. I should also note that the site carries L.A. Made, an awesome knitwear line that's like American Apparel, minus the creepy '70s-style porno ads. So, this is the J Brand jean we'll probably all be scrambling after in a month or so. I also love this cool Goth-ish Debutante tee by yet another line I've never heard of, Anzevino and Florence; this Missoni-esque space-dyed tunic by Kristee's; and this cute Leafy top by Split. And before I go into denim-and-tees shock, I should mention that Raw Clothing also can outfit the men and children in your life. If all of this is too overwhelming, you can utilize their nifty Wish List feature; if not, items ship via UPS, by weight. Frankly, my head's still spinning. But the next time I read about a new denim brand in Us Weekly, I'm coming here first.

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