Project Runway recap
This week I had the company of HG and HI while watching Project Runway, and I must say, this week's fun, crazy show was even more fun with company. After the stress of last week's Banana Republic competition, the designers got to blow off a little wearing ridiculous polyester skating outfits (loved Emmett in his magenta poet blouse), skating around an ice rink, and meeting their next challenger: Olympian Sasha Cohen. (Um, that would be the ice skater, not the dude who does Ali G.) Yes, the designers had to design an ice skating costume, sparkles, trim, stretch fabric and all. And we knew this was serious business, because they not only had two days to complete the challenge, but they had to use an overlock sewing machine--which, of course, kept breaking. Oh, and Santinio once again went crazy with the trim. (I'm starting to think maybe he has OCD.) The girls and I really liked Gay Uncle Nick's asymmetrical gray and peach outfit, and I loved Chloe's pretty ruffled dress (although girlfriend needs to step back from the turquoise); we figured either Emmett and his crotch ruffle or Zuleema and her illusion-fabric overload were a goner. But apparently little Sasha doesn't have the best taste, because even though the judges seemed to be persuading her to pick Chloe's, she chose Zuleema's design, and we were dumbfounded. (HG, who works in Rockefeller Center and can thus see the designs up close and personal, said Zuleema's was sparkly and actually more pretty in person). Santino's feathery creation was actually kind of cool in front but a big ol' mess in the back, and the judges scolded him lightly for not listening to the client. Yes, kids, that's what happens when you're an egomaniac. But Santino uncharacteristically withstood the criticism, and Emmett and his frumpy crotch ruffle were given the boot.

Next week, er, my DVR kind of freaked out, but I can tell you that our beloved Jay, season one's winner, will be making an appearance...

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